Five Common AC Maintenance Mistakes to Avoid for Destin Homeowners

It’s 100 degrees outside, the humidity is 60%, and your AC unit just went on the fritz.

This happens to too many people in the Destin area because they fail to do regular AC maintenance, or they made some common AC maintenance mistakes. As summers get hotter, don’t let your AC down, so it won’t let you down.

Keep your system running smoothly by avoiding these five common AC maintenance mistakes.

  1. Forgetting to Clean the Air Vents

The air vents don’t affect the AC efficiency like the filters do, but they definitely affect the air in your home. When your AC system turns on, dust and debris come through the vents right along with the cool air.

Clean your vents at least once a year by taking them down and washing them gently in soapy water. While the vents are down, vacuum the inside of the ductwork. You can also let a professional test and clean the HVAC system.

This keeps the air inside your home cleaner and reduces upper respiratory and allergy issues.

  1. Failing to Change the Air Filter

Checking AC filters is important. Replace the air filters every one to six months depending on your system. Check the manufacturer’s instructions for information about your system.

The filter catches dust and debris pushed in from the AC unit outside. Failing to change the filter results in a buildup of dust and debris. If a filter goes too long without changing, it can even shut down the system.

Instead of needing an AC repair service, remember to change your filters.

  1. Failing to Schedule Regular AC Maintenance 

It’s good practice to let a trained professional in the Destin area check your AC unit every spring before you turn it on to avoid common AC issues. A professional will catch problems before they become expensive repairs. Leaving a small part that needs fixing until it breaks is often much more costly than changing the part before it breaks.

  1. Routinely Setting the Thermostat Too Low

You’re hot, so you crank the AC way down and leave it down for hours. Eventually, the house will get cold but your AC unit worked hard to get it that way, and it didn’t happen any faster by setting it so low.

Don’t overwork the AC. Get in the habit of setting it at around 78 degrees in the summer.

  1. Ignoring Potential Problems

You turn on the AC unit and there’s a strange noise you haven’t heard before. Don’t ignore it. Make an appointment right away.

As with regular maintenance, you should always call a professional if you hear something strange or the air doesn’t feel right. Letting it go could cause problems later. If you’re replacing old AC units, make sure you get an experienced installer.

Don’t Make These Five AC Maintenance Mistakes

Avoid these five AC maintenance mistakes and keep your AC unit running well for many years. You can spend a little time and money on regular maintenance or end up spending a lot on expensive repairs.

Are you ready to get your AC unit checked out by an experienced professional near Destin? Contact our team today.