A working air conditioning unit will keep your family at a comfortable temperature. A faulty air conditioning or heating unit can be anything from disappointing to disastrous. Whether it stops working, or simply functions less efficiently, it can make living in a space unpleasant.

If you rely on HVAC to keep your space temperate for you and your family, we would like you to know that you can rely on Murphy’s Home Services for Santa Rosa Beach HVAC repair to ensure your units are running like new again. Our goal is to use our expertise and high-quality customer service to make sure that your family remains comfortable and happy.

Based in Destin, Florida, we will provide you with excellent and efficient HVAC repair services in Santa Rosa Beach and the surrounding areas. Our technicians will arrive promptly, and we have local knowledge to understand the kind of HVAC you might have, and what environment to expect. We are here to help with any air conditioning repairs or heating repairs that are needed.

When to Call Us for Santa Rosa Beach Heating and Air Repair 

There are some HVAC issues that you might be able to resolve yourself. Here are a few common issues and how they might be resolved:

  • No Power to Unit– As with most kinds of technology, sometimes the fix is simple. If you are suffering from power loss and your unit simply will not switch on, we would urge you to check your breakers at the power source. It is such an obvious consideration that it often goes overlooked.
  • Thermostat is Not on the Proper Setting– Sometimes a system has a built-in control that delays the activation of the cooling or heating system. Consider whether this is the case for your system.
  • Low Airflow from AC Unit– This commonly occurs if filters are dirty. You might be able to replace or clean the filters yourself. If you are unsure or you would like us to handle it for you, do not hesitate to ask.

Other common problems that occur with HVAC units include:

  • Units That Run Continuously or Turn Off and On Frequently– The former issue is typically due to having a unit that is too small for your home. The latter issue tends to occur where units are too large for the space.
  • Frozen AC– This can occur for several reasons, including inefficient airflow or refrigerant.
  • Clogged Condensation Line– We would check the drip pan inside the AC system. We would bleach to help clear the line.

Whatever your problem with the function of your HVAC unit, you can give us a call for heating and cooling repair in the Santa Rosa Beach area. We understand the importance of efficient air conditioning and heating in Santa Rosa Beach. We will not leave you hanging when your HVAC is not working correctly. Having extensive knowledge in the field, we will come prepared for your exact make and model so that we can make your home comfortable again.

Santa Rosa Beach Heating and Air Conditioning Repair You Can Trust

We are dedicated to providing efficient and effective services for our clients in Santa Rosa Beach. That is why we offer you 24-hour assistance, 7 days a week. You can call us day or night. We know that HVAC problems do not stick to business hours, so neither do we. Furthermore, if you are not 100% satisfied, note that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We will not consider the job complete until you are happy with our service.

We will also detect and repair any leaks involving Freon. Freon needs to be charged for the optimum AC performance. Any fixes involving Freon or typically best left to professionals because it is toxic.

We will also recover and recycle refrigerants. Murphy’s Home Services is EPA compliant. We follow the guidelines and regulations of the EPA to provide a service that is respectful and safe for the environment, our staff, and our clients.

No matter what your HVAC unit model or make, and no matter what the issue, whether you need help making a space cool or you require Santa Rosa Beach heating repair, contact Murphy’s Home Services for a solution.