AC Maintenance ProgramsSpend a little today on AC maintenance programs with Murphy’s Home Services, Inc., and save yourself money and frustration down the road. Over time, a lot can go wrong with your air conditioner unit without you even knowing. No worries – we have Northwest Florida covered, from Destin to Miramar Beach and everywhere in between!

Seasonal Cleaning for $140/Year!

This promotion for twice-a-year visits includes:

  • Indoor air handler cleaning and check
  • A/C condenser cleaning and check
  • Safeties and electrical check
  • Freon and thermostat check

And much more!

Miramar Beach AC Maintenance

An effective AC unit is critical to maintaining the comfort inside your home. The best time to have your air conditioning system serviced or maintained is before summer arrives, but you can have it done at any time. There are many benefits to AC maintenance, including safety for you and your family.

Miramar Beach Air Conditioning Maintenance for Safety

We recommend that you use an air conditioner maintenance service at least once a year. Even if the unit is not showing any signs of faults, it is worth having an air conditioning preventative maintenance plan for your Miramar Beach home to avoid problems that could be lurking beneath the surface.

With regular AC unit maintenance, you will have the peace of mind that your unit is not only working efficiently but that it will continue to do so until the next service. You do not want your AC unit to start showing faults, such as not turning on or blowing warm air, when you need it most. We recommend that you do not wait for something to go wrong. Call now for air conditioning maintenance.

Living in extremely high temperatures can be bad for your health. It can cause people to suffer fatigue, dehydration, and emotional upheaval. You can avoid this with air conditioning maintenance services.

AC Maintenance Services for Efficiency in Miramar Beach

The typical operation of an AC unit will result in contaminants accumulating in the air filter. This is what the air filter is for. If it is performing its job correctly, it will be catching dust and dirt. The air filter does require maintenance, however, as a dirty air filter can cause a loss of efficiency.

Over time, this loss of efficiency could cost you money. It can also pose a health risk, as a very dirty air filter can lead to some of those contaminants being circulated around your space. You can avoid the situation with regular air conditioner maintenance in the Miramar Beach area.

AC Unit Maintenance That is Necessary for Your Unit

Air Conditioner Maintenance ServicesSome filters are reusable, while others should be replaced. Many kinds of filters exist, and an experienced AC unit maintenance technician will know the best and correct filters to use for your unit and your environment. It is good to have an expert to make sure you are receiving maximum efficiency for your needs.

If your air conditioner is used frequently, it will play a part in your maintenance needs. Likewise, it is worth having your air filters checked more regularly if you have pets or live in dusty conditions.

Miramar Beach Air Conditioner Maintenance Service – Coils

Murphy’s Home Services technicians will check your evaporator coil and condenser coil, which collect dirt over time could reduce airflow, inhibiting the coils’ ability to absorb heat. This tends to be a significant problem in environments that are dusty or where there is nearby foliage.

This issue can be avoided by checking and cleaning the coils regularly. If possible, it is wise to minimize dirt and debris near the condenser, such as falling leaves, dryer vents, or lawnmower use.

Air Conditioning Preventive Maintenance in Miramar Beach

To ensure that your AC unit is working correctly, without damage, and with maximum efficiency, we recommend hiring a professional technician. A well-trained technician will be able to locate and remedy any issues with your air conditioning system. He or she will:

  • Check the refrigerant
  • Check for leaks
  • Measure airflow through the evaporator coil
  • Check the heating and cooling systems
  • Expect terminals and capacitors
  • Check drain lines and motors
  • Check the thermostat

While there are things you can do to extend the life of your air conditioning unit and improve its efficiency, such as making sure that the area is clear of dust and debris, a regular check-up from a qualified, reputable maintenance technician is invaluable.

In an area that experiences the hot and humid months of the year, you will benefit greatly from a professional keeping your AC unit running like new. To avoid unpleasant surprises, touch base with Murphy’s Home Services today. We are a Miramar Beach air conditioning maintenance company that can provide air conditioning maintenance to help ensure the safety and comfort of your family or staff, the maximum cost savings due to reduced energy usage, and better longevity for your AC unit. Contact us today to stay cool, and to save money.