Why You Need Quality Valparaiso, FL AC Installation

It is possible to install an air conditioning system yourself, but that doesn’t mean it’s a good idea, no matter how confident you are in your DIY skills.

Seeking out professional AC installation companies doesn’t just save you from doing a little installation work yourself. These companies also have the expertise to help you get the most out of your AC unit. In other words, paying for help now will help you save money down the road.

It may seem like the wrong time of year to be thinking about air conditioning, but it’s actually better to get your AC installation ready to go before Valparaiso’s 90-degree summer days arrive. Let’s go over the benefits of seeking high-quality air conditioning installation.

Always Remember: Safety First

Though specifics vary from state to state, virtually all U.S. locales require aspiring HVAC professionals to earn some kind of certification. The certification process not only protects customers from shoddy installations, but also ensures those installations go safely.

AC installation can involve cutting and lifting heavy materials, altering a house’s electric wiring, and handling refrigerant chemicals. All of these are possibly dangerous tasks if you don’t know what you’re doing. The certification process teaches AC installers to handle these tasks safely.

The Right Size for Your Home

A quality AC installation needs to be the right size for your home. An undersized system will run constantly and burn out quickly without even cooling properly.

On the other hand, an oversized unit isn’t any better. They’ll cycle through their on/off settings too frequently, which also causes the unit to burn out quickly while generating sky-high bills.

Proper sizing isn’t just about calculating your home’s square footage. A well-calibrated AC installation also takes into account duct size and length, airflow conditions in each room, and duct friction conditions. Qualified installers are trained to make these calculations and size your AC system appropriately.

AC Installation and Energy Efficiency

The average American home wastes 35% of the energy it consumes. Heating and cooling systems consume far more energy than any other residential energy need.

This means that your AC installation’s quality can significantly affect your home’s environmental footprint and energy costs. A qualified installer can pick the most efficient model and size for your home. They can also help you avoid energy leaks by installing high-quality ductwork.

Save Money and Find Rebates

Is paying a professional for an AC installation worth the money? Despite the upfront cost, the answer is almost always yes.

A quality, energy-efficient installation will reduce your monthly utility bills, savings that quickly add up. A properly sized and installed AC unit lasts longer, reducing replacement and repair costs.

Finally, a good AC technician can help you find savings and financing options to make your installation more affordable. At Murphy’s Home Services, we use our Gulf Power partnership to help homeowners qualify for a $1,000 rebate on efficient new installations.

Plan Ahead for Summer

Do you think your home may need an AC tune-up or a completely new AC installation?

Don’t wait until you’re suffering through hot Florida nights. Contact us to learn more about saving energy and money on a high-quality AC installation.