Why is My AC Unit Making Noise?1

It doesn’t take a mechanical expert to know that new and weird sounds coming from an AC unit is often a bad sign. From shaking and rattling to high pitched squeals, these noises often herald big expenses and repairs.

They may not have to be the end of the world, though. Understanding what your AC unit making noise might mean gives you a good idea of how big of a problem it can be and whether it needs a professional touch.

At Murphy’s Home Services, we can give you some clear advice on what to look out for when your AC unit starts to sound weird.

What Your AC Unit Making Noise May Mean

Your AC unit will often be a central part of your house. That means when it makes noises beyond the usual, it will be hard to miss. Look out for these noises to give you an idea of what may need fixing.

These sounds are all rough approximations, so keep in mind the other clues that may help narrow down the issue.

  1. Banging and Rattling

Banging and rattling will often point to a loose part or item rolling around inside the machine. This will often come in random intervals as the item bounces around from the force of the machine.

  1. Clanking

The clanking sound will often refer to a similar problem to the banging and rattling. The difference is the softer sound with a steadier rhythm, which may point toward a still attached part within the machine that is loose enough to move and clank on the metal.

  1. Clicking

You may hear a small clicking sound as an AC unit powers up or down. If the clicking continues or comes out of nowhere, it may mean that the electrical components in the unit are off. They may attempt to spark or activate at the wrong time.

This will often point to crossed wires, loose cabling, or even a problem with your electrical socket the unit takes power from.

  1. Buzzing and Humming

Buzzing and humming are often hard to miss as far as weird noises in your AC unit.

Buzzing can be from a dying motor or loose fan. It can also be similar to the clanking problem with a part that is loose enough to hit against the fan but not enough to rattle and bang.

Humming will often be a normal and natural occurrence in your AC unit. If it gets too loud, though, it may be damage to your refrigerant piping or cooling coils.

  1. Squealing and Screaming

The big and dangerous sounds from your AC unit often come with squealing or screaming. These high-pitched and loud noises are a sign that you have a refrigerant leak or some blown pressure in the system. Turn off the AC unit immediately and find professional assistance as soon as possible.

Smaller squealing, often in intermittent rhythms like a squeaky wheel, can be a much smaller issue that a fan or motor may need more lubrication.

Setting Your AC Unit Right

An AC unit making noise doesn’t have to be the end of the world. All of these issues are fixable if caught early and dealt with in the proper ways.

When you need some help setting your AC unit right, we here at Murphy’s Home Services are happy to lend a hand! Contact us today for more information.