When is it Time to Upgrade to a New HVAC System in Fort Walton Beach?


Close to 90 percent of households in the USA have a heating or cooling system of some kind installed.

With such a prevalence of this machinery in US homes, maintaining and replacing HVAC systems is going to be a priority maintenance task (and expense) for homeowners.

Worried your system is on the fritz? Below, we highlight some of the signs that tell you it’s time you considered upgrading your HVAC system.

Strange Noises Are Coming from Your Machine

You should hear a click when your system shuts down or turns on. Ongoing or constant clicking might be a sign that your thermostat is failing. Electrical issues can be a source of house fires, so get this issue sorted quick smart.

Buzzing or squealing sounds coming from your Fort Walton Beach HVAC can indicate something trapped in the system. Debris might have blown in from outside. Small parts like copper lines or screws may have separated from the system.

Detached parts or those that are out-of-balance will make a banging, clanking, or rattling noise. The crankshaft in your air compressor might have come loose or you may need to replace the entire compressor system. A fan blade or three might be out of balance and hitting other parts as the fan spins around.

Your Utility or Repair Bills Are Skyrocketing

Residents of US households use over half of their annual energy consumption on heating or cooling. This number increases significantly for those living in single-family detached homes versus apartments.

Heating and cooling take up so much space on your utility bill each month. HVAC systems are likely the issue when you experience a spike in cost. It could be a wide range of problems, from lack of maintenance or bad insulation to faulty parts or an air filter in need of replacement.

In this instance, it’s time to call in the professionals. They can diagnose your problem and let you know if you need a new Fort Walton HVAC system.

It’s Taking Too Long to Get to Temperature

Central air systems are made up of a complicated network of coils, pipes, vents, and filters–all of which work together to transfer warm, moist air out of your home. They are connected to the thermostat, which controls how hot or cold the air inside your home is.

There are a few key reasons why your AC system might be taking too long to bring your home to the programmed temperature. It could be unusually hot outside, causing your AC to struggle. The air filter might be dirty or there is refrigerant or duck leaks.

It’s also likely your system is either too old or too small for your home, in which case you would need to invest in an HVAC system upgrade.

Your HVAC System is Over Ten Years Old

While an HVAC is one of the costlier appliances in your home, they don’t last forever. According to the EPA, all types of HVAC systems will run efficiently for about 15 to 20 years. However, most product warranties only cover a system for a decade.

Once a machine reaches ten years old, it’s usually more cost-effective to replace it than to repair it. This is because, with parts wearing out, the HVAC will lose energy efficiency and you will need to repair it more often. That will hurt your wallet more in the long run than a replacement system.

Regularly Maintain Your New Fort Walton Beach HVAC System

Any issue that’s causing significant noise or making your system run inefficiently won’t remedy itself. Call in the professionals and have them take a closer look. If you do invest in a new HVAC system, be sure to have it serviced on an annual basis. This will ensure the appliance runs well for its entire lifespan.

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