When Do Mary Esther Air Conditioners Require More Refrigerant?

Residential air conditioners need refrigerant to work. The process for adding ac refrigerant is not the same as adding it to a vehicle. About 77% of homeowners have unexpected repair bills after moving into their Mary Esther houses.

Purpose of Refrigerant

Two refrigerant lines run from the outside air unit to the indoor evaporator coil. The broad refrigerant line is insulated and carries a cool gas. It gets referred to as a suction line or return line.

The small, thinner line is the liquid line. That line carries the warm liquid. Refrigerant gets pumped from an exterior compressor coil to the interior evaporator coil. It absorbs heat, then pushes the cooled air through the venting system of the home.

Refrigerant Leak

Refrigerant lines can get worn down over time. You may notice that your unit runs longer than usual.

Another sign of a refrigerant leak is that your air conditioner struggles to cool the home. The indoor temperatures don’t fall as fast. Higher energy bills will reflect the change.

In most cases, the changes happen a little at a time. If the ac refrigerant gets left unchecked, it could become a massive issue later. The unit will end up blowing hot air into the home.

You may notice ice on the outdoor refrigerant lines. That would be a sign that the evaporator coil got too cold. In that case, refrigerant goes back to the refrigerant line and freezes.

If you see ice anywhere on the unit, you need to call an ac repair company. Left frozen too long, it can damage the compressor. That will mean more expensive repair costs.

Too Little Refrigerant at Install

When your unit gets installed, it has manufacturer instructions for refrigerant. If the installer did not follow the guidelines, it could need added freon to the unit.

The refrigerant levels should always be the same unless there is a problem that needs to get checked. Unlike vehicles, air conditioner refrigerant should not need topping off.

If the air unit didn’t get set up with enough refrigerant, it could cause more problems in the future. When you notice lukewarm cooling, you may need an ac repair technician to check for damage. The tech will check the refrigerant while assessing the issue.

A new unit with frozen evaporator coils could also be a sign of improper refrigerant amount. Catching the problem fast will mean you may need more refrigerant, and the issues will resolve.

Mary Esther AC Repair

When you need ac repair, you want to hire a reputable company with experience in all HVAC problems. You don’t want to let them wait because problems can escalate fast.

If you have found your Mary Esther air system is struggling to cool your home, you may have a refrigerant issue. Give us a call today for a free estimate. We’ve got you covered and will find the right solution for your ac refrigerant needs.