The Home Repairs You Shouldn't Do Yourself

When a pipe bursts or the power goes out, it might be tempting to try DIY home repairs before calling a professional. However, while it may seem smart to try a “cost-effective” option first, the risks far outweigh the benefits especially when home warranty services can be involved.

Hiring a professional eliminates almost all of those risks. You’ll also get your repairs done a lot faster.

So, let’s learn about home repairs you shouldn’t DIY in Valparaiso. Doing so might save your property, your warranty, and your life.


For something as important as your pipes, it’s important to hire a professional. Not doing so can lead to a host of consequences that can quickly degrade your safety and your home.

At the very least, not hiring a pro can cause the issue to persist for much longer than desired. This is detrimental to your everyday life, even for a few hours. Those few extra hours could be crucial if you need to use a bathroom or running water.

It’s also easy for the problem to get much, much worse. It’s likely that you’ll accidentally burst your pipes, which is disastrous on so many levels. Electrocution, fires, and flooding are common consequences that lead to even more sources of damage.

Electrical Wiring

Simple tasks such as switching bulbs and adding wall sconce covers are fair game, but other tasks are best left for the professionals, for the sake of your safety and Valparaiso home.

Attempting an electrical home repair could lead to faulty wiring and exposed wires. Not only does this lead to inefficient wiring, but it could cause an electrical fire later on.

It’s also easy to start a fire on the job too. If things get too out of control, the scale of this consequence could be dire. Many parts of your home are linked to your electrical grid, and even a small amateur mistake can reap a terrible aftermath.

HVAC System

Change your AC filters, clean dust and debris, and test your HVAC systems. Those are all doable DIY HVAC repairs for the sake of air quality.

However, don’t DIY your own high-maintenance repairs or tasks. As unassuming as a metal-lined air-circulating system might be, there’s a lot that can go very, very wrong.

Even if you don’t deal with the worst consequences, your HVAC home improvement projects can’t remotely compare to an HVAC technician’s skills. There’s a reason why they use industrial-grade equipment and charge a fee, and it’s not for fun. It’s because they understand the tools and how to use them more than anybody else.

Things can get a lot worse, especially when it comes to the chemical refrigerants in your HVAC system. Only professionals know how to repair HVAC systems and navigate chemical refrigerants. Trying to mimic that knowledge will only harm your health.

Don’t Let DIY Home Repairs Ruin Your Valparaiso Property

You can’t do everything yourself, and that’s completely fine. Understanding that when it comes to DIY home repairs you could do a lot of damage to your appliances and end up voiding a warranty or two. Furthermore, while it’s important that everything works, it’s also important that you don’t put yourself or anyone else in danger in your Valparaiso home.

At Murphy’s Home Services, we understand how important it is for your home to be in 100% working order. For that reason, we provide exceptional repair services for local homeowners. If you live in the Valparaiso area and need something fixed, contact us today.