tips for lowering your heating costs in winter

You just opened your heating bill from last month and about fainted. How is it possible for the amount to quadruple like that in the cold months?

You might feel like you have no option but to overpay for heating and air conditioning costs, but some strategic moves can keep you warm in the winter without emptying your wallet. Let’s take a look at a few.

Wear a Sweater

It doesn’t need to be 75 degrees inside year-round. Put on a sweater, and drop that thermostat.

Buying the nicest, warmest merino wool camping sweater you can find is still a better option than overpaying to keep your house extra toasty this winter. While you’re at it, you can invest in a down comforter and flannel sheets, too.

Supplement with a Stove

If you already have access to a wood-burning stove and free or cheap wood, you’d be surprised how much of your house you can heat by keeping one of these going on the coldest days.

One caveat is that it’s not the greenest option. Wood burning releases a fair amount of particulate into the air in comparison to other fuel sources.

Alternatively, stoves that can also burn pellets (processed sawdust or grass scrap) actually are very environmentally friendly. They’re still pretty affordable, coming in around $600 in heating costs for the season. These can also be a great supplement to lower your other energy bills.

Prevent Drafts

Preventing drafts feels like you instantly raise the temperature in your home. Who wants a chilly breeze rushing past just as they climb into bed? Old homes in particular are prone to drafts, so be strategic about insulating against them.

Chimneys should have their damper closed. Heat escaping up the chimney or cold air coming down can lead to higher energy costs.

Insulate windows with plastic sealing sheets or window snakes aka draft stoppers. These are cushions made to go along windowsills and block any leaking air.

Draft stoppers can be used on door thresholds, too. Apply to exterior doors, as well as interior doors. Turn the heat lower in rooms you’re not using actively and insulate the door against draft to preserve heat.

Make Smart HVAC Updates

Making sure that your furnace is up to snuff can help improve your heating costs. When you regularly have your furnace serviced, small heating repair issues are caught before they become large ones.

It might also be time to upgrade your furnace to a newer, energy-efficient model. An energy-focused furnace that is clean and in working order should process fuel more efficiently than an unserviced one.

Swap out duct filters in your forced-air system. If these are clogged up, heat isn’t making it through. Don’t lose heat before it can get to you. Get your filters changed regularly.

Stay on Top of Heating and Air Conditioning Servicing

When you stay on top of heating and air conditioning servicing and HVAC repair, you can save yourself a bundle. Murphy’s Home Services, Inc. wants to help you lower your heating costs this winter.

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