The Benefits of Repairing Navarre Appliances Over Buying New Units

If your appliance is making a noise or doesn’t open properly, it doesn’t necessarily mean you need to purchase a new unit.

In fact, you’ll probably save yourself a small fortune, because in the vast majority of cases appliance repairs are a much better way of sorting out any issues, either minor or major. Repairing appliances, rather than replacing them, lets you get the most out of your home goods.

Here are some of the benefits of repairing your Mary Esther appliance over buying a new unit.

Mary Esther Appliance Repairs Are an Investment

Why spend $700 on a washer when you can pay $70 repairing it?

Assessing the cost vs. lifespan is a great way to decide if your appliance needs replacing. For example, if your $1000 refrigerator will cost $500 to repair, but it’s only three years old, then it’s worth repairing.

Repair instead of replacing is an excellent way of starting an emergency fund. Put that money you would have otherwise spent in a separate fund so that when the time comes to repair or replace, you aren’t strapped for cash.

They Can Save You Precious Time

Have you ever tried to fix something, then realized it was a waste of time?

If you know your limits, hiring a professional is the best idea. Not only are they quick, but they also make sure the job is done correctly the first time.

You can look at it as an investment. If it would take you 5 hours to diagnose and fix your washing machine, would you rather pay $50 for someone to come and look at it? If you earn more than $10 per hour, getting extra work to pay for it is more productive.

It’s Much Safer

Let’s not forget we’re talking about appliances here, most of which are electric.

Dabbling with electrics if you don’t know what you’re doing is a dangerous game. These repairs need to be undertaken to the highest level to ensure minimum risk of fire or damage to yourself. Studies show three deaths, even amongst professionals, occur every week in the USA. Imagine how many this would be if untrained individuals attempted these repairs.

For this reason, we advise not fixing anything yourself that could cause you or your appliance severe damage.

Better for the Environment

While many appliances can be broken down and recycled, repairing a faulty appliance is nearly always more environmentally friendly.

You’ll be shocked to hear that certain hazardous parts of a refrigerator are thrown to landfills in the USA legally, despite the lengthy recycling processes required to extract gases. Furthermore, many electrical items require high-cost procedures to ensure no hazardous materials poison the earth.

By maintaining your appliances, you are reducing your carbon impact, helping to prevent unnecessary landfill expansion.

Learn to Love Your Appliances

Today we live in a consumer culture, more so than ever with developments in smart technology. Even then, some gadgets and apps will help you monitor the best times to turn your appliances on for the cheapest rates, and you don’t always need to spend significant amounts of money.

The best way to look at Mary Esther, FL appliance repairs is this. If you need to change a tire on your car, do you replace the whole car? Unless you’ve had an accident, then it’s incredibly unlikely. Appliances are no different.

If you want to make sure you get the best prices, get your quote from us today.