Suffering From Uneven Home Cooling? Here’s How to Fix It

The summer months in Florida are hot, and most days are in the upper 80s. As a result, most homes have air conditioners.

Your air conditioner cools your home, but do you have trouble with uneven home cooling? For example, are some rooms cold while other rooms are hot?

Uneven cooling is a common problem in homes, but there are solutions.

Unblock Your Vents

Uneven cooling is a common home air conditioner problem. A common cause is blocked vents. The vents distribute air to the rooms. However, this process can be disrupted if the vents have things covering them.

Go through your home and check your vents. If you have items blocking them, move the items. Freeing up the vents lets them work properly, which might solve your cooling problems.

Close Some Vents

Closing some of your vents completely is not a great idea, as air needs to flow. However, partially closing some vents can make a difference, especially with two-story homes.

When you partially close some of your vents, more air flows out of the others. In a two-story home, partially closing some of your vents on the main floor might solve your AC problems. After all, heat rises.

By closing some of the lower-floor vents, more air will flow to the upstairs rooms. This might help you solve the uneven cooling issues.

Fix Your Air Ducts

The air that flows from your vents travels through air ducts. Unfortunately, air duct issues might cause uneven cooling and other AC problems.

You can hire a home air conditioner company to inspect yours. They will look at the system and recommend repairs if necessary.

For example, they might want to install a new system or repair holes in the current system.

Change Your Air Filter

Home AC maintenance is vital for your system to operate properly. Changing your system’s air filter is one step needed. The air filter cleans the air the system conditions.

When an air filter becomes dirty, it restricts the airflow. One problem with this is uneven cooling in a house. Leaving a dirty air filter in the system might also cause other AC problems.

Even Out Your Home Cooling

If you have home cooling issues, such as uneven cooling, you might need to hire an HVAC contractor. HVAC contractors determine the cause of uneven heating and provide solutions.

Contact us at Murphy’s Home Services, Inc. We can fix all your HVAC problems, allowing you to stay cool and comfortable at home.