repairing vs replacing your hvac unit

If you’re experiencing any common issues that can cause your air conditioner to lose its cool, it might be time for a repair or replacement. However, how can homeowners know when a repair will resolve the issue or if they need a new system?

In many cases, you’ll save money on a repair over the cost of buying a new AC. However, a repair isn’t always a long-lasting solution that keeps your HVAC system running cool.

Before you buy a new system or choose a cheaper (yet ineffective) repair, learn more about which fix makes the most sense for an ailing HVAC unit.

When to Repair

Several factors can help determine if your air conditioner has more life. If you can save money with a quality repair instead of a replacement, we recommend it.

Repair is often the best option when:

  • Your air conditioner is less than ten years old: In most cases, a “young” air conditioner can handle a repair and continue through many more years of cooling your home.
  • Repair costs are lower than replacement costs: This one might seem obvious, but make sure you look at the costs. There’s no need to spend the money on a new air HVAC system if the cost to repair your current system is a significant saving over a replacement.
  • You have a reputable HVAC service technician: If you have an HVAC service team you know you can trust, let them guide you to the best repair options to keep your current system running longer.

If a service provider arrives and their first recommendation is to replace the system, get a second opinion. They could be right, but it’s worth considering another HVAC company and a more cost-effective repair approach to extend the life of your system.

When to Replace

Sometimes, replacement is the only option. It can be a financial pain point, but eventually, air conditioners are no longer effective, even with quality repairs.

It might be time to replace your air conditions system if:

  • The system is 12-17 years old (or older): An aging system won’t respond to repairs as well as it did when it was younger. HVAC units become more expensive to keep repairing after about ten years of use.
  • Repairs become more frequent: If you’re calling for a repair several times a year, those repair costs start to add up. Consider a new system if repairs happen more often than cold air throughout your home.
  • Your trusted technician recommends it: A reputable HVAC technician won’t recommend a replacement until it’s the best solution to keep your home comfortable.

We enjoy our customers, but we don’t want to keep seeing them often for repairs. When our visits become too frequent, it’s time to consider an HVAC replacement.

Trust the Professionals with Your HVAC Unit

It’s not easy to find a professional you can trust. At Murphy’s Home Services, we work hard to give our customers confidence in our recommendations and service.

If you’re having trouble with your HVAC unit, contact us for help.