Protect Your Outdoor HVAC Unit from Damage with These Tips

There are many places across the country that has unpredictable weather. From rain, snow, sun, and wind, to hurricanes, blizzards, droughts, and tornados, you never know when mother nature will strike.

Unfortunately, if the weather is severe enough, the exterior of your home can be damaged. This also includes your outdoor HVAC unit.

If you want to protect your outdoor HVAC unit from storm damage, check out these tips on how to do it.

Clean Your Gutters and HVAC Unit

As fate would have it, overflowing gutters affect your outdoor HVAC unit, not just the outside of your home. A storm or gust of wind could blow the debris, twigs, leaves, and whatever else is stuffing your gutters onto your HVAC unit. Clean those gutters to prevent that from happening.

You can also protect your HVAC unit by getting a gutter protection system. This will steer the rainwater run-off flowing from your downspouts away from your house and your HVAC unit.

Keep your unit clean, too, by regularly replacing its air filter so that airflow stays up to par. You’ll protect your compressor in the process.

Make Room for Your HVAC Unit

Just like you need your personal space to breathe, so does your HVAC unit, in its own way.

Ensure that there’s enough room around the unit for many reasons. One reason is that it really does need breathing room, so make sure to keep it at least five feet away from overhanging branches. Also, keep it at least two feet away from your garden or home plants.

Another reason to make room around your HVAC unit is that an HVAC technician needs sufficient space to work around it when making AC repairs. It’s also nice for you if you need to get around it change a filter.

Protect Your Outdoor HVAC Unit

Beware of leaves, dust, and other debris lurking on or around your HVAC unit. They will reduce the condenser’s airflow, and in turn harm the unit’s longevity and performance. Prevent debris from ever reaching your unit by trimming the weeds, branches, and leaves on the surrounding trees, shrubs, and lawn.

You can also mostly prevent floodwater from reaching the unit by installing it on raised ground. What’s more, you can stop windblown debris from flying into your HVAC unit and damaging it by building a fence around it. Be sure that there’s enough space between the unit and the fence so air can flow freely.

Making Your HVAC Unit Last

You need to protect your outdoor HVAC unit if you want it to last longer. Fortunately for you, HVAC units are a rare exception to the rule that consumer goods these days aren’t built to last as long as they used to be. Your HVAC unit can last you for quite some time with the proper cleaning, surrounding space, and preventative measures.

All good things must come to an end, but with just a little bit of care and attention, you will postpone your HVAC unit’s demise even further. For professional, preventative HVAC maintenance, see what Murphy’s Home Services, Inc. can do for you.