money saving tips for your AC and heating unit

It does not come cheap to keep your home at a comfortable temperature in the winter and summer. In fact, Americans spend more than $22 billion on air conditioning alone.

During peak months, many people are stunned to see huge bills come in the mail. There are a few ways to keep your heating and cooling bills under control though.

Check out these money-saving tips for your AC and heating unit and explore several methods for keeping your home a comfortable temperature without breaking the bank.

Smart Thermostat

Using smart thermostats is one effective way that homeowners are reducing energy costs. Many energy providers install smart thermostats at the customer’s request. While temperature control saves the customer money, it also reduces demand on the energy provider.

Smart thermostats have a number of features to save the homeowner money. For example, they may increase room temperature in the summer when no one is home.

They also reduce the temperature by a fraction of a degree at night or other cooler parts of the day. The customer does not even feel a difference with the marginal change.

Ceiling Fans

There are many benefits of ceiling fans. They look great, of course, but also serve a practical purpose. They move air around and create a nice gust of wind to keep you cool.

They use minimal energy and are effective in the fall and spring. This is a great time to open the windows and let the ceiling fans do the work.

Replace Your Air Filters

This is one of the easiest maintenance tasks for a homeowner. However, far too many people forget to change their HVAC unit’s air filters.

With a clogged air filter, your unit has to work harder to keep the house warm or cool. This means that it is running longer to reach the desired temperature. Changing your air filters can reduce your energy output and your bills.

Get Your AC and Heating Unit Serviced 

It is important that your HVAC unit is routinely serviced. This is when a professional comes and performs preventative maintenance.

The goal is to keep the unit running at an optimal output. Preventative maintenance is a guaranteed way to extend the service life of your system. Spending a small amount to maintain your unit will save money in the long run.

Other Easy Tips

There are a few more things to do to keep your house warm or cool. The last thing you want is air escaping and needing to replenish it.

You should keep all windows and doors closed. Additionally, you need to properly seal all windows and doors to prevent drafts. In the summer, you can close blinds and curtains to limit the impact of the sun.

Reducing Energy Costs: A Recap

Everyone hates receiving an astronomical bill in the peak winter and summer months. You can minimize the damage with simple steps like changing air filters or investing in a smart thermostat.

If you need to get your AC and heating unit serviced, contact us today to schedule an appointment.