Improve the Efficiency of Your AC Unit with These Steps

When Willis Carrier first invented the AC unit in 1902, we have constantly been looking for ways to improve upon this life changing invention.

As the owner of an AC unit in the Mary Esther area, understanding ways to effectively improve its function is crucial. You don’t have to be an air conditioning installation expert to know how the unit works. With that being said though, you might not know how to improve efficiency.

Don’t worry, we have got you covered with this guide on how to improve the function of your AC unit.

Keep the Unit Clear

The AC compressor is the bulky, and frankly unsightly, part of the AC unit that sits outside of the home. Unfortunately, many homeowners in the Mary Esther area make the mistake of using plants or other decorative options to hide the unit, which results in the need for AC maintenance.

Your AC unit’s compressor should remain open and free from any obstructions in order for it to work properly. If things are surrounding the unit, it will affect the airflow into the unit itself, and potentially cause distress. Regularly check the compressor to ensure that no debris or leaves have built up around or inside the unit.

Change the Filter

Your AC’s filter is an important component of the unit that you can easily manage without calling for AC service. Studies show that things like dust, pollen, and dander can build up in the home and cause severe allergies in certain people. Luckily your AC filter can help capture some of those potential allergens resulting in cleaner air for your home.

Generally, your filter will need to be changed every 90 days. With that being said, if you have pets in the home or if you live in an area with a lot of dust or pollen, you might need to change your filter more often.

Routine AC Maintenance 

Before the start of the summer season, you will want to make sure you contact a professional AC company in the Mary Esther area for routine AC maintenance. If you skip regular maintenance on your unit, it will not run efficiently, and as time goes on, it will eventually break down and need to be replaced prematurely.

It is crucial that you schedule maintenance at the first signs of distress from your unit. For example, if you find that your unit is blowing warm air, making strange sounds, or your bill is unusually high, then you should contact a professional right away to avoid further damage.

AC maintenance includes things like checking all tubing and coils, cleaning the unit, checking fans and blades, and more. The routine service will help improve your AC and increase the unit’s lifespan.

Get the Most Efficiency form Your AC Unit in Mary Esther

These are the best tips for keeping your AC unit in tip-top shape. With that being said, sometimes, you might need a little extra guidance. Not to worry though, the professionals at Murphy’s Home Services are here to help.

Our dedicated team is here for all of your repair needs. From HVAC to appliance repairs, we’ve got you covered. Contact us today, and we will help you get your problems solved in no time.