Notes from Your Navarre Heating and Air Repair Specialist

You know when something you own (whether your car or a home appliance) makes a funny noise? It can be so tempting to ignore it and move on with your day.

However, you shouldn’t ignore odd sounds coming from your furnace. If you own one of these most popular heating devices for American homes, you need to stay on top of its maintenance, or you might have to call in a heating and air repair specialist.

Here, we’ve provided you with four furnace noises your unit in Navarre could be making that you should never put at the back of your mind.

  1. Banging

Think of someone pounding loudly on your front door. If this noise is coming from your furnace, trouble is likely on the horizon.

The most likely cause of a loud banging noise is a delayed ignition. You may wonder what exactly a delayed ignition is, and we’re here to explain the concept.

First, you must understand how your furnace works. When your thermostat indicates that a room requires heat from your furnace, a gas valve will open. This process sends gas to your device’s burners, where it’ll ignite. Delayed ignition happens when the gas doesn’t ignite right away.

When the ignition doesn’t happen immediately, gas will build up inside your furnace until it ignites at last. As a result of the buildup, you’ll hear a loud bang.

You shouldn’t take these small-scale explosions lightly. Instead, you should call a certified HVAC company near Navarre to take a look at your furnace and remediate the issue.

  1. Squealing

Your furnace shouldn’t sound like mice are living in it. A high-pitched squealing sound will occur if your furnace has a damaged blower motor or blower belt.

Subsequent squeals can also indicate your furnace’s bearings require oiling. In any case, you should make an appointment with an HVAC service team to perform appliance repairs or routine maintenance.

  1. Rattling

If it sounds like many loose coins are bouncing around in your furnace, you should be aware of a few potential problems.

In the best-case scenario, you may have a minor issue like a couple of loose screws or a dislodged cover panel. However, the problem might be much more severe. You could have a leak in the heat exchanger or a defect in your furnace’s motor.

  1. Clicking

When it comes to your furnace, clicking noises can be normal. You should expect to hear a couple of clicks when you turn your furnace on and off.

However, you should be wary if the clicking continues long after you’ve clicked your device on. Clicking noises can indicate issues with the wiring, electrical controls, gas, relay, or ignition.

Only a furnace repair expert will know what to look for and how to pinpoint the exact issue with your heating device.

Don’t Ignore Furnace Noises — Enlist Professional HVAC Repair Services in Navarre Today

Don’t let furnace noises become everyday background noise in your household. As soon as you start hearing one of the four sounds we’ve described above, take action. Get in touch with our team at Murphy’s Home Services, and we’ll send out a qualified technician to service your furnace.