How to Tell if Freon Is Low in Your Destin House AC

You dream of coming home to a cool home on a hot summer day. But the dream can turn into a nightmare when your Destin house AC refuses to blow cold air.

You may simply need a recharge and a freon refill. Keep reading to learn the main signs that indicate low freon.

1. Frequently Turns On and Off

When your house AC turns off and on frequently, you have a problem. Your AC should be on for at least 15 minutes to do its job well. A frequent off and on means that something is happening with the thermostat and the AC motor.

In short, you need to call in a repairman for an inspection. You may just need freon and recharge, or you could need a bigger air conditioning repair, but you won’t know until you call in the expert.

2. Frosty Refrigerant Lines

A freon refill will also take care of frosty refrigerant lines. You should check your AC periodically. If you notice frost or ice on your refrigerant lines, you most likely have low freon and need a freon refill.

Low freon levels will lead to a drop in pressure and a drop in temperature. The temperature drop will cause the evaporator coil to freeze. Cold air and moisture will travel through the line and cause frost or ice to form on the lines.

3. Unit Blows Hot Air

If your house AC unit refuses to blow cool air, you could easily have low freon. Refrigerant like freon is the key ingredient to cooling your air, so without it, your unit will blow warm air.

You could also just have a dirty unit. Check your filters to make sure you don’t just have a clogged air conditioner. Once you have a clean filter, if the unit is still blowing warm air, you probably have a coolant problem.

4. Hissing Sounds

Freon leaks are difficult to detect. Sometimes you can hear them leaking though when you hear a bubbling or hissing sound. Pressure-packed refrigerant lines will hiss when freon leaks, so keep your ears open and call a technician if necessary.

5. Dripping Sounds

If you hear a dripping sound coming from your AC, you may have a problem with your refrigerant. Condensation will begin to form on cold lines, and before they freeze, they’ll drip condensation regularly. Regular preventative AC maintenance will keep such sounds and problems at bay.

6. AC Quits Completely

A full-system breakdown means you’ve been running your AC a while without refrigerant.

This can happen honestly. If you’re out of town when your AC runs out of refrigerant, your thermostat will keep the AC on because the home will never reach the desired temperature. The AC will continue to pump warm air into the house.

Eventually, the AC will sustain significant damage and shut down completely.

7. High Energy Bills

Your AC will run constantly if you run out of freon. As a result, you will have higher than normal energy bills. When you have adequate freon, your AC will cool the house and then shut off.

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