How to Get Your Destin HVAC System Ready for Spring

Ensuring that your HVAC system functions properly can save you about 30% on your monthly bill.

Did you know that not maintaining your HVAC system can not only weaken your air conditioning performance but cause your energy bills to rise?

To avoid this situation, you need to learn about the best ways that you, as a homeowner, can take care of your system.

Learn about the top tips for Destin HVAC maintenance in preparation for warmer weather below to keep your HVAC system in good shape!

Change Filters

You should change your air filters every one to three months, so the start of spring is a perfect time since winter brings in more dust and debris. Double-check to know the correct type and size before changing any. If you are not sure, be sure to measure the old filter.

Clean Air Ducts

Your air ducts also need routine maintenance to clear away any dust and grime to improve the overall air quality. Additionally, if the air ducts aren’t cleaned, the airflow will weaken.

Also, be sure that you check for any damage when cleaning the air ducts. If you see any, reach out to a Destin HVAC company so you can get them to ideal performance.

Examine the Condensate Piping

The condensate pipe is where condensation collects and drains away, and you need this functioning properly to avoid flooding, mold, or water damage to the HVAC. You want to make sure the pipe and drain are connected and there are no damages.

Get a Smart Thermostat

Now is a perfect time if you don’t have a smart thermostat yet. Smart thermostats allow you to set up your HVAC to be more energy-efficient, which will minimize your energy costs and monthly payments.

During the warmer months, you can set it to a higher temperature when no one is home, and you can program it to cool before anyone returns. Many also have an eco mode on them designed to keep your home comfortable while lowering the energy necessary.

Adjust Indoor Air Vents

If you hear a hissing noise as your HVAC is running, be sure to check the indoor air vents. If the air is blocked, you will be losing heat through the ducts and not cooling it in the room where you need it.

Opening and adjusting the air vents also lets you see how efficient your system is and determine the cooling and heat exchange rate.

Schedule Preventative Maintenance

While you can prepare your HVAC for spring in many ways, having an expert come is also beneficial. Starting to prepare now will ensure that your equipment functions on all cylinders when the temperatures rise.

An HVAC expert will inspect your refrigerant levels, electrical connections, wiring, and other components, as well as diagnose and fix any issues they encounter.

Start Your Spring Destin HVAC System Maintenance Today

To keep your home cool, you have to have a well-functioning HVAC system. A faulty system can range from disappointing to disastrous, so be sure to maintain it yourself by checking the pipes, connections, cracks, and referring to these HVAC tips.

Having a properly functioning Destin HVAC is vital, so before the temperatures rise, be sure to inspect yours with the above tips. If your system requires repair, contact us today.