Broken Compressor- Do You Repair or Replace Your Fort Walton Beach AC?

There are a lot of new homeowners out there, courtesy of over 6 million homes sold just in 2021. There is a lot for a new homeowner to juggle.

You’ll likely have a new mortgage bill, for example. Odds are good that you’re either doing or fresh off of some of the more popular renovations.

You also have new responsibilities in terms of maintenance for your key home systems, such as plumbing, electrical, and HVAC system. More to the point, you’ll face problems like a broken compressor with your Fort Walton Beach AC unit at some point.

The question becomes, do you repair it or replace it?

How Do You Know Your Compressor Is Done?

There are a couple of ways to identify a compressor issue. The compressor does most of the heavy lifting in terms of actually cooling the air for your home. If you don’t get cold air when you turn on your AC, that’s a good sign you’ve got a compressor issue.

A lack of cold air might also mean you have a refrigerant leak.

Hearing strange noises when the outdoor unit turns on is the other main sign of compressor problems. In most cases, it will sound like a hissing or humming noise.

Broken Compressor Repair

Your first option for handling the problem is to call an HVAC pro to deal with repairing the AC compressor. Of course, AC repairs for the compressor typically boil down to replacing the part.

Compressors are pricey components. Still, going that way can make sense if the rest of the system is comparatively new. For example, if the AC system is only three or four years old, you can reasonably expect another six or seven years of service from everything else.

You may not ride out the working of the new compressor, but you’ll get full use of everything else.

Plus, the parts are often under warranty. You only foot the bill for the labor.

AC Replacement

Your other option for handling the compressor problem is a full unit replacement. This option makes sense if your system is already more than 10 years old.

The difference in cost between the new compressor and a new unit is surprisingly small. Under those conditions, you will get more value from having an all-new unit than from sticking a brand-new part into a unit where everything else is 10 years old.

Repair or Replace your Fort Walton Beach Unit? It Depends!

When you have a broken compressor on your hands, the decision about whether to repair the compressor or replace the unit isn’t a cut-and-dried one.

If the unit isn’t under warranty or more than 10 years old, replacement usually makes more sense. When in doubt, though, consult with an AC professional.

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