8 AC Installation Errors to Avoid for Homeowners in Destin, FL

The global HVAC systems market reached a size of $136.3 billion in 2021.

Installing a new Destin AC unit is no small task, and should only be done by a professional. It’s quite complicated, and as such, various things can go wrong, creating issues for homeowners.

1. Wrong Size Unit

One of the most common installation problems is choosing a wrongly-sized AC unit. If a unit isn’t the right size for a home, it will be less efficient, resulting in higher energy use. This will cause your bills to rise and is bad for the environment.

A professional AC installation company will be able to determine a suitably sized unit from the dimensions of the rooms in your home.

2. Incorrect Thermostat Positioning

Your AC unit will work based on temperatures read by your thermostat, so its placement is crucial. If it’s placed in direct sunlight, for example, it will provide inaccurate temperature readings.

You should also keep it away from doors and windows where the temperature is often less stable. Hallways and corridors are usually ideal locations.

3. Incorrect Unit Positioning

When an AC unit is in a bad spot, it will lose efficiency. You want to keep it away from direct sunlight and ensure there’s plenty of clearance around it. It should be at least 5 feet away from any trees, hedges, or other ornaments.

4. Improper Refrigerant Line Insulation

AC uses refrigerant to provide cold air, and it runs through the refrigerant line. This line needs to be properly insulated to keep the temperature stable. A DIY installation may leave gaps in the insulation, but a professional HVAC contractor will ensure this is done right.

5. Incorrect Vent Positioning

Like various other components, the placement of the vents is vital. Placing a vent low down will mean you then can’t place furniture in front of it in that area because you don’t want to block it. Plans should be carefully made to ensure vents are all in ideal spots.

6. Failing to Check for Refrigerant Leaks

Sometimes AC installations don’t go perfectly, and one problem that can occur is punctures and leaks in the refrigerant line. This can happen at any stage during installation, so it’s important to fully check the system after installation. If any leaks are found, a contractor will be able to repair them to ensure your system can function at full efficiency.

7. Water Leakage

Leaks can also occur in the ductwork if the condenser is installed incorrectly. You’ll likely notice water somewhere around your unit if this happens. A professional contractor will be able to find the source of the leak and repair it.

Problems like this can also occur further down the line. Having a maintenance plan in place will help prevent such issues from arising.

8. Installing Without Experience

Installing an HVAC system isn’t easy. If you don’t go with a reliable contractor, the person installing it might lack the experience to do things properly. This makes it far more likely that problems will occur, which can affect your HVAC system and may lead to some very costly repairs.

Professional AC Installation in Destin, FL

AC installation in Destin is no small task, and a lot can go wrong if the installer doesn’t know what they’re doing. You should always go with a professional contractor to ensure things are done right.

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